“Which Airlines Did Andargachew Take?

Despite the pacts, what happened to Tsege, a father of three from North London, was an extraordinarily illegal kidnapping and rendition that violates each domestic and international legal norms. He was the one who satisfied the Yemenis to be part of the unlawful kidnapping and rendition. But he determined to cancel his flight on June […]

Why State John Kerry Is no Buddy To Small Enterprise

It’s the blueprint of an entire Christian life lived for God. It has been recommended that in the ch oice of the twelve, Christ was experimenting on your complete human race. These twelve varieties have been selected as a representation of a slim circle of the whole human race, in which there is a great […]

This Day in History – January 15

January 15 588 BC – Nebuchadrezzar II of Babylon lays siege on Jerusalem 1535 – Henry VIII declares himself head of the Church of England 1559 – Queen Mary I of England, Elizabeth Tudor, is formally crowned Queen Elizabeth I at Westminster Abbey in London 1622 – French comic dramatist Moliere (Jean Baptiste Poquelin) is […]

This Day in History – December 31

December 31 406 – 80,000 Vandals, Alans, and Suebians cross the Rhine at Mainz, beginning an invasion of Gallia 1384 – English theologian John Wycliffe dies 1600 – Queen Elizabeth I grants a formal charter to the merchants in London trading to the East Indies 1720 – Charles Edward Stuart, aka the Young Pretender and […]

Princess Leia, Heart Disease, and Me

As I heard about Carrie Fisher’s (aka Princess Leia) heart attack on that London flight, my own heart dropped. I knew her chances of surviving were not stellar. Being a semi-heart expert myself, I knew that there were some things that were not in her favor. The number one thing was that SHE WAS A […]

This Day in History – December 28

December 28 1065 – Westminster Abbey is consecrated 1612 – Galileo observes a “fixed star,” not realizing that he was observing the planet Neptune 1688 – William of Orange storms London and James II flees 1694 – George I of England divorces his cousin Sophia Dorothea of Celle, accusing her of infidelity and imprisoning her […]

STAR WARS: May the Force Be With You, Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher, who is known to her fans as Princess Leia from the Star Wars trilogy, suffered a major heart attack aboard a plane heading from London, where she was promoting her book “The Princess Diarist” to Los Angeles. The passengers were reported as immediately offering help as they tried to perform CPR. The heart attack […]