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ParisI made it to the historical city of Biot, which is like a pottery commune-whatever that is-sitting on high of a hill. This was actually fairly awesome. Maybe all historic French cities are like this and forgive me for gushing over my first one, but it was this crazy pile of dwellings made from shale that seemed like they’d been piled atop each other over a whole lot of years, with little secret passageways and deadends and excessive steep tiny streets that people someway managed to get their excessive tiny cars up.

Nonetheless, thumbs as much as French coffee and dessert. That was an extended day I would favor not to think about. I then returned to Philadelphia and instantly took my return ticket from Philadelphia back to Pittsburgh. Perhaps I’ll show you a graph once i get an opportunity so you may see how much I’ve been writing. Now that I’m back I am engaged in full-time binge writing on my thesis. But speaking of going, I can’t check your parsing stack depth with my run-on sentences for any longer, because Jason and Adam and i are heading over to the Pittsburgh Know-how Middle for an all-weekend One Laptop Per Little one Laptop computer sport jam contest.

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I am almost recovered from my journeys final week so now I can publish a summary. I started by going to Philadelphia to go to the University of Pennsylvania for a project kick-off meeting. Since I plan on graduating imminently, a kick-off for a brand new venture is a little bit bit irrelevant for me, but they’re probably going to make use of some of my thesis work in the new undertaking. I think having a gaggle of likeminded folks together with a singular purpose is fairly fascinating and productive. This was a little bit of a strange journey because it was a two-in-one (really a one-in-the-different).

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By some means I wound up “driving” for a great fraction of the dialogue (which means that I was writing code in the fanciful programming language but to be invented, projecting onto the easel for all to observe) which was funny to me as a result of there were half a dozen eminent tenured professors (which means much more qualified) within the room. I think they identical to my tasteful syntax highlighting color scheme in emacs. I had ninety minutes free at one level during which I ran down to the Delaware and again as part of my “3D World Runner” project (the scope or purpose of this challenge is to this point unknown, but I do know that operating in additional cities is progress!).

Did you know that London is the positioning of the 2012 Olympic Games? Go to Frankfurt as a substitute. I gave a speak about my thesis work, Kind-safe Distributed Programming with ML5. This conference that I used to be at, Trustworthy International Computing 2007, was pretty good. As a result of they’ll remind you at every opportunity as if someone from the ministry of self-promotion did a search on the whole nation for “London” and changed it with “London (site of the 2012 Olympic Games).” Oh, also, even if you’re allowed to carry a backpack and carry-on onto the airplane, like as is customary, you possibly can only carry one merchandise period into Heathrow. There have been surprisingly many good individuals there, though most from Europe.