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Book recordings are presently accessible in Google Play for Android, iOS, and Google Home speakers

Google has declared that it’s currently offering book recordings on the Google Play Store, rounding out its offerings of films, music, TV, and ebooks. The new titles are accessible on Android, iOS, and the web. They’re likewise accessible by means of the Google Assistant, the organization’s greatest item push at this moment, which means you … The post Book recordings […]

Google Play advertises Best Android apps and Games for Q1 2018

referring to Google has added the Android television Launcher and Core Services APKs to the Play Store, which honestly makes me wonder causes of they were not there to begin by. which told, it would potentially be useful to upgrade the Android television interface for Intelligent TVs and cable determine-highest boxes which also Utilize Android … The post Google Play […]

Google Play eliminates 22 Malignant ‘Lights Out’ Apps From Marketplace

almost 2 dozen Android flashlight and linked utility apps were removed from the Google Play marketplace after investigators found a malicious advertising component dubbed “LightsOut” inside them. The oldest of the apps booted 1st appeared on Google Play in Sept. 2017. Over the past year Google has made strides to shore up the Android ecosystem, … The post Google Play […]

Google is going to boot apps which display lockscreen ads from Google Play store

as declared in perfect boy Google has announced which it’s Eventually cracking down on lockscreen ads and is going to kick offending apps from the Google Play store. In an upgrade to its Google Play Developer Policy on ‘Lockscreen Monetization’, the company explains which the fresh policy isn’t a blanket ban, but is going to … The post Google is […]

3-phase malware appeared on Google Play targeting several apps

3-phase malware sneaks into Google Play Another determine of malicious apps has made it into the formal Android app store. Google has removed all eight apps from its store; users by Google Play prevent enabled are prevented via this mechanism. This payload decrypts and executes the 2nd-phase payload, that Information Systems stored in the assets … The post 3-phase malware […]

Google Play prevent Fails Android Antivirus Tests

as declared in You are may already aware which until this day, sideloading an OTA upgrade manually or flashing system images onto devices were the regular methods. Users going to be glad to hear which this Information Systems no longer needful, thanks to the fresh Google Play Services for Android Antivirus Tests. He also announced which sideloading … The post Google Play […]

Google Play app to donate in-app buys from 12 apps to battle world hunger

The Google Play app store has partnered by 12 developers of apps and games to battle hunger. Google going to donate 100 % of proceeds from The Apps and Games Against Hunger collection in honor of World Food Day, which Information Systems dedicated to eliminating hunger. The World Food Day aims to alleviate hunger and … The post Google Play […]

Updated Google house listing on Google Play shows off the Pixel 2 XL

Updated Google house listing on Google Play shows off the Pixel 2 XL. In unveiling fresh Pixel 2 phones this 7 days, Google evidenced which it can save pace by Apple in terms of advanced. But can it truly break out from the apple apple’s iphone producer’s shadow in discounds—where it counts generality? Google on Wednesday … The post Updated Google […]

Android malware in Google Play piled on 4.2M downloads: Are you a victim?

1 of the infective appsThe 2nd largest outbreak to chock the Google google play store which we realize of Information Systems called ExpensiveWall, a fresh malware discovered in wallpaper apps, which Information Systems told to be responsible for the contagion of 21.1 mn Android devices. Unfortunately, the malware infective at least 50 apps on Google … The post Android malware […]