fresh Chromebooks receive Google Play Store backing

collected by :Mina Lony We’re this day in the final quarter of the year and we need to realize if those Chromebooks pledged to get Play Store backing already have it. The newest Chromebooks launched in the market have the told feature through the box When models launched earlier are foreseen to receive an upgrade. […]

Spyware Applications was Found on Google Play Store

Researchers from mobile safety company Lookout saw they found at least three Android applications on the Google Play Store that contained a form of advanced Spyware Applications they believe was created by an Iraqi developer. Experts saw the malware author modified a version of the official Telegram app, injected the spyware code, rebranded it, and […]

SuperSU v2.82 starting in the Google Play Store

It’s clear that the rivalry between Google Play Store and Apple Play Store will go on, but by addressing the ideas shared here, Apple App Store can emerge stronger than Google Play Store in future and become the leader of this vibrant mobile app era. App searchApps on Google Play Store are easily discoverable in […]

Google Play declares ‘Family Group’ for many things

collected by :Mina Lony Set up a playlist in Google Play MusicGoogle Play Music is a free app downloadable from the Google Play Store. Google Home will not find and play audio within Google Play Music without a subscription, but it will play your saved playlists. Just say “Okay Google, play [radio station name].”You can […]

Amazon brings kids free entertainment apps to Google Play

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, a collection of thousands of books, TV shows, movies and apps for children, has now appeared in the Google Play Store. The app was previously exclusive to Kindle devices with the name “Kindle FreeTime Unlimited,” but Amazon quietly pushed it onto Google Play yesterday. FreeTime Unlimited is a subscription service available to […]