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He referred to as on intellectuals to be autonomous, publishing his beliefs in such controversial writings as “Above the Battle” and “The Declaration of Independence of the Thoughts.” These and other battle and submit-warfare works helped make pacifism a respectable literary subject in Europe. Rolland utilized his international prestige from 1923-1932 to popularize the philosophy of Gandhi, linking Gandhism to anti-imperialism and anti-Eurocentricism and to a hope for an era of worldwide unity and collaboration. His curiosity in Gandhism and revolutionary pacifism led him to a optimistic view of the Soviet Union. He wrote a biography of Gandhi in 1924 that was instantly translated into several languages.

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He argued that the objectives of pacifism. Rolland reportedly wed a daughter of the eminent philologist, Michel Breal, in 1893, but it surely was a brief and unhappy marriage. Communism have been largely the identical even when their methods differed. In the 1930s he wrote eloquently against all types of worldwide fascism, particularly the Nationwide Socialism of Hitler, which he abhored. The truth is, this grew to become the important thing issue that modified him from a pacifist to one who believed that the one solution to resist the evils of fascism and Nazism was by way of armed struggle by a coalition of the democratic states of western Europe and the Soviet Union.

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Romain Rolland was born on January 29, 1866, in Clamecy, France. He studied literature, music and philosophy, earning his doctorate from the College of Paris – she said in 1895. He was a college professor of artwork history at the Sorbonne in Paris (1903-1910), and a musicologist. He wrote books about Francois Millet (1902), Beethoven (1903), Michelangelo (1905-1906), Handel (1910), and Tolstoy (1911), in addition to articles and critiques. He was the important thing character in the French well-liked theatre in 1895-1904, writing its seminal performs, theories and criticism. Rolland was in Switzerland when the world conflict broke out in 1914; he stayed till 1938. From September 1914 until the signing of the Peace Treaty in June 1919, Rolland took a public antiwar stance that attacked blind nationalism, the oligarchies of industry and finance that have been reaping enormous income from the struggle, and the validity of just wars.

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