The Rise and Fall of Silvergate’s Crypto Business

Silvergate Bank lost more than $8 billion in deposits from its crypto customers in the final months of 2022 as its core block of business crumbled under the industry’s implosion – just as the bank’s regulators had predicted might happen for such institutions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Evaluate: a Premium, Highly Effective, And Onerous Hitting Android Flagship

Seul on va plus vite, mais ensemble on va plus loin. Christelle Gilabert est journaliste indépendante spécialisée dans les problématiques de technologie, de climat et d’environnement. La collaboration que nous allons vous présenter ici est l’exemple même de cet adage que nous apprécions particulièrement au Low-tech Lab. A la croisée de ces chemins, on trouve la low-tech à laquelle Christelle […]

Has Tokenization’s Moment Finally Come?

Tokenization of real-world assets has been dismissed by many crypto purists for operating under a centralized framework, but new technological advances have migrated the process from closed, permissioned projects onto public, permissionless blockchain platforms. This could offset traditional finance risks and broaden investment opportunities.