NASA helps American Girl to innovate aspiring astronaut doll

collected by :Irin Lilly American Girl worked with NASA and a panel of scientists and astronauts to make Luciana’s story (and gear, like a Mars habitat and flight suit) as realistic as possible. They also contributed to an accompanying STEM-based educational program providing space simulations and quizzes in an American Girl application and educational website. […]

NASA may send ‘Dragonfly’ drone to an alien world

as informed in SUBSCRIBEIn brief: Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is a promising candidate for extraterrestrial life. NASA probably sending a “Dragonfly” drone to probe Titan’s surface. Sending a “Dragonfly” drone to an alien world With its vast oceans and methane-filled rivers and lakes, Titan is a prime candidate for the search for extraterrestrial life. The […]