WhatsApp is about to get a lot less private

collected by :Molly Tony it was alleged that WhatsApp is about to get a lot less private. The European Union previously told WhatsApp to stop sharing users’ information with Facebook. WhatsApp Web 0.2.4077: many improvements for the revoke feature & you’ll be able to unsend messages sent within 5 minutes (DISABLED NOW). It is rumoured […]

Nokia will Make Android Phone like Google’s Nexus

collected by :Molly Tony referring to It is also reported that the company wants to ensure the Android experience on Nokia Android smartphones will be similar to that of Google Nexus phones. Reports are now circulating about HMD Global, the Finland-based smartphone manufacturer, indicating that there are plans of making the next Nokia Android like […]

WhatsApp service preparing to start digital payments

collected by :Molly Tony as mentioned in Taipei: After its plan to offer free internet in India was rejected, Facebook Inc. may soon find that the fastest way to consumers’ hearts is through their wallets. After a humiliating loss last time, Facebook could be setting itself up for a win in India. Its Whats App […]

We Need To Colonize Mars Escape Robot Apocalypse

collected by :Molly Tony as informed in 5555846Elon Musk wants humans to colonize Mars, in part, so we can escape a robot uprising, the billionaire told Vanity Fair. goes rogue and turns on humanity,” Musk told Vanity Fair. Musk worries that, in the short term, artificial intelligence may replace human jobs and create an economic […]

Jeff Bezos make Control of Giant Mech Robot

collected by :Molly Tony wAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos got to live out every 6-year-old’s fantasy when he got behind the controls of a giant “mech” robot. Those bots are much smaller than the giant mech Hankook Mirae is trying to develop, however, and don’t present the same safety challenges as a piloted robot. According to […]

Samsung vows to release monthly security updates for unlocked US Galaxy smartphones

collected by :Molly Tony as informed in Samsung has committed to providing monthly security updates for unlocked Galaxy smartphones in the United States, according to ZDNet. “We are committed to releasing security updates for those devices on a monthly basis.” Even AT&T’s Galaxy S7 Active is getting Nougat before the unlocked variants. The carrier-branded Galaxy […]