As A Substitute Of Judging The Boy Harshly

I instructed him it was hell, but entering into his truck was like going into the Celestial kingdom. He mentioned to me, “Are available and receive of the air conditioning.” I walked into the momentary feeling of heavenly rest and enjoyed the sounds of Weezer on the radio all the way in which again to […]

Apple Inc Timeline

The id behind one of the world’s most profitable brands emerged in the garage of Steve Jobs’ childhood residence, after he came up with the thought of promoting Steve Wozniak’s hand-constructed laptop Apple 1. To finance the creation of the device, Jobs offered his VW Kombi van and Wozniak his HP-65 calculator. Progressively expanding its […]

Apply These 5 Secret Strategies To enhance RT

Yet, this is how God sovereignly works, as He puts together All of the pieces to perform His kingdom plan-a plan that even includes the ongoing wars against Israel. A 3rd motive-and a very powerful certainly one of all-is that God’s plan does not allow the Palestinians to affirm a treaty with Israel. Just final […]

General George Washington – Not For everybody

On Friday, the Jerusalem Publish ran a response to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slamming Israeli democracy by evaluating the role of ladies in Israel to the remedy of women in Iran (visit the website). Publicly, she compared one facet of Israeli society, during which Orthodox men and women journey separate buses, with the racial […]

The Rules of Law

No, the headline is not a typo! It has been suggested by some that no further investigation should be done on Hillary Clinton. In fact, Donald Trump himself, after saying during the campaign she should be in jail, has said no further investigation would be forthcoming. Where there is smoke, there has to be some […]

U2 Cancels Release of New Album Because of Trump

The rock band, U2, has decided to cancel the release of their upcoming album after Donald Trump won the election. The album, Songs of Innocence, was written and nearly finished months before the election, but the group decided to regroup and delay the release of the record after Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Guitarist, David Evans, […]

Ted Kennedy Conspired with the USSR to Fix 1984 Election

GREAT DEMOCRATS OF THE PAST SERIES—Collect ’em all! The Left-Democrat Axis has immersed America in fretful worry about whether Putin hacked the far-left anti-American Podesta, and used his e-mails to reveal truths about Hillary Clinton—truths like Donna Brazille’s having given Hillary debate questions in advance. They base their claim on the report that “The FBI […]


During the final presidential debate on October 19th, President-elect Donald Trump created a stir when he stated that he wouldn’t necessarily accept the election results.  Democratic politicians and political pundits pounced on Trump’s comments as proof that he was not fit to lead the United States.  His opponent, Hillary Clinton stated that Trump’s refusal to “respect […]