Fake News, Anti-Semitism and Tax Evasion– Al Sharpton, In Honor of MLK Day, You’re Fired…A Cindy’s Corner Statement

Yesterday, only several hundred gatherers stood alongside the Rev. Al Sharpton at a protest/rally in Washington, D.C. that was promoted as a gathering of thousands to stand against President-elect Donald Trump and his “policies.” Donald Trump campaigned vigorously to help African Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities with the slogan, “What Have Your Got to Lose?” […]

Americans Stand With Israel…. A Cindy’s Corner Statement

Today, over thirty organizations will rally in front of the French Mission to the United Nations in New York City.  Rally after rally, events, and actions, here and around the world, are supporting Israel against boycotts, resolutions, and legislations. Why the French Mission?  This rally is in front of the French Mission before the January […]

Shame on you Cory Booker… A Cindy’s Corner Statement

Living in the tri-state area, I am familiar with the name and work of Cory Booker.  He was labeled, “The Democrats Golden Boy,” “A Friend of Israel,” and “The Hope of Black People.” In an unprecedented move to testify against President-Elect Donald J. Trump‘s choice for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, Booker proved that he is […]

Meryl, Hugh, Tracie, Chris and Jimmy….You’re Fired!!! Let’s Boycott!!! A Cindy’s Corner Statement

Disrespect invites Disrespect …. and Meryl Streep led the parade.  By now, everyone probably knows the details about the highlights of the Golden Globes–  celebrities wasted no time targeting Donald Trump and insulting those who supported him.  Instead of expressing gratitude to an adoring public who sacrifices their hard-earned dollars which allow celebrities to work in […]