Reflections of Thanksgiving

I suppose if there is a downside to our free market republic it would be that the drive to make money overshadows the true meaning of holidays and events. Of course, the founders warned us that our type of government is only suitable for a moral and virtuous society. The victim and entitlement classes have […] The post Reflections of […]

Fidel Castro is Gone. Raul is in Charge. What’s Next for Cuba and the US?

There have been many premature reports of the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, over the years – the most recent of which, was reported on January 9th of last year, the Times describing the chronic nature of the rumors as inducing “rumor fatigue” and comparing them to unconfirmed UFO sightings. Foreign policy observers were […] The post Fidel Castro […]

This Day in History – November 28

November 28 1520 – Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan enters the Pacific 1582 – An 18-year old William Shakespeare marries 26-year old Anne Hathaway in Stratford-upon-Avon 1628 – English preacher and writer John Bunyan is born 1729 – Natchez Indians massacre French settlers and soldiers at Fort Rosalie, Louisiana, killing roughly 300 1757 – English poet […] The post This Day […]

This Day in History – November 27

November 27 43 BC – Octavian, Lepidus and Antony form the triumvirate of Rome 511 – Clovis, King of the Franks, dies and the kingdom is divided amongst his four sons 1095 – Pope Urban II makes an appeal for warriors to relieve Jerusalem in one of the most influential speeches of the Middle Ages, […] The post This Day […]

Cubans in Miami Cheer Castro’s Death

Republished with permission from Tapwires – Jake Baker By ADRIAN SAINZ, IAN MADER and TAMARA LUSH MIAMI (AP) – Within half an hour of the Cuban government’s official announcement that former President Fidel Castro had died, Miami’s Little Havana teemed with life – and cheers. Thousands of people banged pots with spoons, waved Cuban flags […] The post Cubans in […]

Dossier on Senator Sessions’ Accusers

Since Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, and his appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to head the Department of Justice as Attorney General, Sessions has been relentlessly besieged with accusations that he is a racist. Now is a good time to explore just who these critics are. Here’s a particularly repulsive example, from November […] The post Dossier on […]

This Day in History – November 26

November 26 1688 – Louis XIV declares war on the Netherlands 1774 – A congress of colonial leaders criticizes British influence in the colonies and affirms their right to “Life, liberty and property” 1776 – House of Burgesses (Virginia’s official state legislature) leader Peyton Randolph is laid to rest at the College of William and […] The post This Day […]

Trump Lets Hillary Off Hook, But Former Bush Official Drops BOMBSHELL

Republished with permission from Tapwires – Jake Baker Before former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton celebrates President-elect Donald Trump‘s decision not to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her dodgy email habits, she might want to heed the warning issued Tuesday afternoon by former Attorney General John Ashcroft. “I would hasten to mention, though, that […] The post Trump Lets […]

This Day in History – November 25

November 25 2348 BC – Biblical scholars believe this to be the day of the Great Deluge, or Flood 1783 – The last British soldiers withdraw from New York City, nearly three months after the Treaty of Paris was signed 1844 – Pioneer of early motor cars, Carl Benz is born 1863 – Union ends […] The post This Day […]