Luxury Living for Longterm Survival

Think of it as a modern-day Ark to save a remnant of mankind, complete with an oceanic theme. According to the, “The Trident Lakes community has begun with a flourish northeast of Dallas near the Oklahoma border: A statue of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, holding a golden trident will stand some 50 […] The post Luxury Living […]

The Misconception of Equating Race with Ability

It looks like racism is a front and center issue once again. As a nation, we are more polarized than we have been in years; we have backtracked once again. People aren’t labels and should not be categorized as such. Not all black people are poor and not all white people are well off. It […] The post The Misconception […]

What Will Happen to Our Dollar? Our Cash?

There has been discussion for a number of years about the future of the US Dollar and cash. As with many things, the first people to sound the alarm are marginalized and made out to be kooks. Of course, is that not the Alinsky tactic? I would suggest we have been set up and conditioned […] The post What Will […]

This Day in History – November 18

November 18 1626 – St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome is officially dedicated 1776 – In honor of Lieutenant General Wilhelm von Knyphausen, British Commander in Chief General William Howe renames Fort Washington to Fort Knyphausen 1789 – French painter, physicist and photographer Louis Jacques Daguerre is born 1810 – Botanist Asa Gray is born 1836 […] The post This Day […]

Doing the Next Right Thing: Let’s Go Ride a Bike!

On Thursdays, joggers are treated to an interesting sight on the Trinity Trails in Fort Worth, Texas. Young, healthy college students pedal specially made “rickshaws” that hold residents from the nearby Trinity Terrace Retirement Community. Grinning octogenarians enjoy the sun and breeze in their faces while gliding effortlessly along the scenic bike trails. Texas Christian […] The post Doing the […]

Trump Dispatching ‘landing teams’ to Obama Agencies, as Cabinet Vetting Heats Up

Republished with permission from Tapwires – Jake Baker A wave of Donald Trump “landing teams” will be storming the beaches of the federal government in the coming days and weeks in preparation for the transition, as the president-elect’s vetting of potential Cabinet picks moves into full swing. The Republican president-elect was holding another packed day […] The post Trump Dispatching […]

The Genius that is the Electoral College

California Senator, Barbara Boxer, introduced legislation Tuesday that would abolish the Electoral College as a reaction to Hillary Clinton’s defeat. Such legislation may give discourse to the collective shock felt by Democrats after a contentious election, but is unlikely to gain traction with Republicans holding control of Congress in a lame duck session. The retiring […] The post The Genius […]

This Day in History – November 17

November 17 375 – The Emperor of the West, Valentinian, dies of apoplexy in Pannonia in Central Europe after becoming enraged by the insolence of barbarian envoys 1421 – A storm in the North Sea creates flooding that kills near 10,000 people in what is now the Netherlands 1558 – Queen Elizabeth takes the throne […] The post This Day […]

Mike Pence Revamps Trump’s Transition Team, Purging Lobbyists

Republished with permission from Tapwires – Jake Baker President-elect Donald Trump continues to shake up his transition with only 65 days until he assumes the Oval Office. Mr. Trump’s advisers were coming and going from Trump Tower Tuesday amid a flurry of changes to his transition team. The Trump transition is revamping almost everything. Vice […] The post Mike Pence […]

This Day in History – November 16

November 16 42 BC – Roman Emperor, Tiberius Claudius Nero is born 1532 – With fewer than 200 men against several thousand Incans, Spanish explorer and conquistador Francisco Pizarro sets a trap for Incan emperor, Atahualpa by inviting him to a feast in his honor only to open fire on the unarmed Incans. Pizarro will […] The post This Day […]