Dogecoin Issued 5 Billion DOGE Last Year, This New Deflationary Cryptocurrency to Replace It in 2024

Dogecoin has long been one of the most popular and widely used cryptocurrencies. With its iconic Shiba Inu dog mascot and long history as the first meme coin, it has captured the hearts of many crypto enthusiasts.

However, some question whether Dogecoin has what it takes to stand the test of time. Last year alone, over 5 billion new DOGE tokens entered circulation, adding to concerns about inflation eroding Dogecoin’s value over the long run.

Enter Pandoshi, an exciting new crypto project aiming to dethrone Dogecoin and provide a truly deflationary store of value. Let’s explore what makes Pandoshi different.

Pandoshi: The Deflationary Dogecoin Killer

Unveiled late last year, Pandoshi leverages fundamentally deflationary tokenomics to create lasting value for holders. The total supply is strictly capped at 2 billion PAMBO tokens.

Unlike Dogecoin’s steady stream of new tokens every year, Pandoshi institutes a “buy and burn” mechanism. A portion of every PAMBO purchase gets permanently removed from circulation. Over time, this relentless burn will drive Pandoshi’s circulating supply lower and lower.

Scarcity creates value. While Dogecoin trends are increasingly inflationary, Pandoshi embraces deflation. As more people trigger buybacks and burns over the coming years, the remaining tokens stand to appreciate dramatically.

Key Parts of the Pandoshi Ecosystem

Beyond favorable tokenomics, Pandoshi brings together various decentralized products into a cohesive crypto ecosystem. These key offerings make Pandoshi highly attractive:

Pandoshi Wallet: Pandoshi’s new non-custodial crypto wallet launched on Android last month. The intuitive interface allows easy storage and use of PAMBO tokens as well as other cryptocurrencies. An iOS version is coming soon.

PandoshiSwap: PandoshiSwap introduces PAMBO/ETH and PAMBO/USDC trading pairs. The DEX incorporates buying and burning directly into swaps, accelerating PAMBO scarcity.

PandaChain: The dedicated Pandoshi blockchain will go live by Q3 2024. PandaChain will be key in reducing fees and enhancing capabilities for the entire project. It also burns PAMBO with every transaction, acting as a hyper-deflationary mechanism.

Cardoshi: No one likes KYC checks. Cardoshi provides quick and easy crypto debit cards without KYC  hurdles. With Cardoshi, users can spend PAMBO and other digital assets anywhere major cards are accepted

This expansive ecosystem offers numerous avenues to put PAMBO tokens to productive use, all while accelerating burn rates. Pandoshi appears superior to established cryptos like Dogecoin in almost every regard.

Pandoshi Presale Enters Final Stage

Pandoshi recently entered the fifth and final presale phase before PAMBO’s public listing across major exchanges. 50% of all supply goes toward the presale. 20% provides DEX liquidity, 10% backs up CEX reserves, and 20% supports the bonus program.

Of the 1 billion PAMBO marked for presale, over 90% sold thus far. The chance to get in early is fading fast. The presale price holds at a flat $0.01 per token for now, but anticipation of a post-listing pop shines brightly.

Major exchange listings often quickly double or triple newly listed token prices. And that is without accounting for deflationary pressure from broad PAMBO adoption down the road. This is likely the last opportunity for discounted access before the train leaves the station.

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