Protocol Village: Blast, Envisioned as Layer-2 With Yield, Now Hiring

Nov. 30: RARI Foundation, focused on NFT infrastructure, announced that it has used Arbitrum Orbit technology to create a new layer-3 chain, RARI Chain, and has just unveiled the test network. The project helps to guarantee creator royalties, taking a step further to build NFT infrastructure, according to the team: “Designed with creators and collectors in mind, the RARI Chain emerges as a key NFT infrastructure solution – an EVM-equivalent chain built on Arbitrum, designed to deliver a royalty-enforcing, high-speed, low-cost and developer-friendly network for creators, collectors, and builders. RARI Chain embeds royalties seamlessly on the node level, empowering creators with the freedom to create and fueling cross-market interoperability.”

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