Inside the Orb: The Untold Story of Worldcoin’s Launch

inside the orb the untold story of worldcoins launch

Altman pushes back on the idea that policy-makers are clueless or have their heads in the sand. “I went to like 22 countries and met with many world leaders, and much more than I thought, people get this and are taking it super seriously,” he says. (It’s unclear if by “this” he’s referring to the particular ambitions of Worldcoin, or the broader challenges posed by AI.) “I’m now spending an increasing amount of my time not on technical stuff,” he says, “but on policy challenges.” Ultimately, Altman says that “For the world to get to a good place through all of this, it has got to be a two-part solution, of tech and policy together. And the policy part, in some sense, may turn out to be more difficult.”

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