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North CarolinaThe oldest Arabian bronze celestial globe, dating from the tip of the 11th century, representing the constellations in line with the Almagest of Ptolemy. A replica of the globe made by Martin Behaim in Lisbon in 1492, representing the world as recognized earlier than the voyage of Christopher Columbus. The original, in a collection in Nuremburg, is now nearly illegible, so this facsimile reproduction ordered in 1847 by Edme-François Jomard, director of the Department of Maps and Plans, has become the most respected reference source. This hand-drawn terrestrial globe, known as the “Inexperienced Globe,” is attributed to Martin Waldseemüller and was made around 1506. It’s the primary identified globe to represent the Americas (North and South) as continents, and the first to use the identify “America” for the New World.

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Often called “the golden globe of Bure,” this terrestrial globe was created between 1524 and 1528 within the atelier of Johann Schöner. It depicts Magellan’s circumnavigation of the Earth, while still reflecting the speculation of Columbus which misidentified America as a part of Asia. This globe, known because the Rouen or Lecuy globe, is the only recognized globe produced in 16th-century Rouen, most likely about 1580, judging from the Spanish sources on which a few of its place-names are based.

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The Maps and Plans Department of BnF has one of many world’s premier collections of terrestrial and celestial globes, made up of more than 200 pieces. For this digitization, 55 among probably the most valuable globes in the collection have been chosen, relationship from the 11th to nineteenth centuries and originating from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, and the Arab world. The chosen items additionally exemplify the printed production developed throughout the Dutch Golden Age, and the diversification of European production in the course of the Age of Enlightenment. The selection contains hand-drawn or etched metal globes from the 16th century illustrating the Age of Discovery.

Serving as a cultural bridge between France and Japan, this DNP undertaking should enable Gallica, the digital library of BnF, to make this assortment of 3D digitized globes obtainable for on-line viewing by the beginning of 2016. Then, BnF and DNP will build on the success of their partnership to host quite a lot of events. Exhibitions at DNP’s facility in Tokyo and on the BnF in Paris will utilize the excessive-definition digitized data of the globes to current visitors with an unprecedented manner of experiencing and appreciating these objects. The BnF’s own web site and Gallica will even be presenting quite a lot of content, starting with a digital exhibition showcasing the project.

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