North Carolina Population 2022

Facebook LiveThis makes North Carolina the 15th most densely populated state within the US. Right this moment, a lot of the residents of North Carolina stay in city and suburban areas. While North Carolina has historically been a rural area, the previous thirty years have seen a rapid increase in urbanization, like many of the United States. Charlotte is by far the biggest city in North Carolina, claiming 827,097 residents out of the whole inhabitants of over 10 million. The most populated counties in North Carolina are Mecklenburg (1,076,837), Wake (1,072,203), and Guilford (526,953) counties.

LondonThe median age of the inhabitants in North Carolina is approximately 38.Three years of age. The ratio of females to males in the state is about 51.4% females to 48.6% males. By way of religious preferences throughout the state, 77% of the population report affiliation with a Christian primarily based faith, 3% are affiliated with non-Christian based mostly faiths, and 20% are unaffiliated with any faith in particular. North Carolina was one of many 13 authentic States. By the time of the 1790 census had basically its present boundaries.

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The North Carolina inhabitants statistics make for very fascinating reading as a whole, however how do the numbers stack up in recent times? Situated on the east coast of the United States, North Carolina is simply the 28th largest state within the nation by way of area however it has a relatively high inhabitants density. North Carolina at the moment has a very healthy progress price of 1.13%, which ranks 14th within the nation. The total surface area is 53,819 sq. miles (139,390 square kilometers) and there may be a median of 196 people for each sq. mile. North Carolina could only rank within the lower center half of the US (Going On this site) by way of size but it more than makes up for these statistics with its inhabitants density.

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