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Given the precedent, the names do not look awkward that Android named its after confectioneries. It seems, indeed somebody highly effective in Android is a foodie, who likes sweetened desserts and wish to distribute free OS that supports each sort of smart cellphones, be it dual sim mobiles or a regular one. In any case, names will not be random, and do observe a sample, all are in alphabetical order, sustaining the chronological order of the updates. What all one can do is guess to reply why desserts had been chosen.

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And Google has not helped to explain the rationale behind. When Google spokesperson requested about Android naming thriller, the following was told: It is sort of like an inner workforce factor, and we desire to be just a little bit inscrutable in the matter. Till then we can solely guess. It seems, now we have to attend till a co-founder releases a biography, and finally clear the air around it. The apparent factor is that, yeah, the Android platform releases, they go by dessert names and by alphabetical order for the most half.

None may miss how Android, which powers world’s ninety five % of smart cell phones, has named its model after desserts. The first big tech company that followed such sample was, albeit internally, was Microsoft. The story that led to the naming of Android version after desserts starts with tech-world inside joke-a begin-up thing. Windows, the operating techniques that runs virtually ninety percent of world computers, at first had been named after cities-Chicago, Detroit, Nashville, and Memphis was the title of Home windows 95, Home windows ninety five OSR 2, Windows 96, which was not launched, and Windows 98 respectively. First came Cupcake that was followed by an array of mouth-watering confectionaries, specifically, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, the Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean, Package Kat, lollipop, and the latest, Nougat, a candy made from honey, egg white, and nuts.

Not like Microsoft, Apple, not just internally, formally named its OS after animals.

Apple, the other tech giant, has his personal distinctive set of names; however, it adopted the names of animals. Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard, all are the names of its operating system in a chronological order. Moreover, Steve Jobs, the co-founding father of Apple, once named its computer BigMac; however, it invited a lawsuit, and the identify had to be relinquished. Not like Microsoft, Apple, not just internally, formally named its OS after animals. Cheetah. Puma. Jaguar. Panther.

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