Mexico Travel Restrictions

Can I travel to Mexico from the United States? Totally vaccinated visitors from the United States can enter Mexico without restrictions. Can I journey to Mexico if I’m vaccinated? Unvaccinated visitors from the United States can enter Mexico with out restrictions. Can I travel to Mexico without being vaccinated? Travelers from the United States should not required to quarantine. Travelers from the United States should not required to offer a damaging COVID-19 test outcome. Can I journey to Mexico without quarantine? Do I want a COVID check to enter Mexico? Most guests from the United States, no matter vaccination status, can enter Mexico.

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EUDo I have to put on a mask in Mexico? Are the restaurants. Bars open in Mexico? If you are searching for personalized travel advice for your own journey plans like whether or not a restriction applies to your journey, we can’t have the ability to reply any questions or supply advice. For press inquiries and corrections to the journey restrictions info, please electronic mail us. Please seek the advice of your local government’s sources. Mask usage in Mexico – is required in enclosed environments and public transportation. Bars in Mexico are open. Eating places in Mexico are open.

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