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ParisMoments after this, Tony arrived in an older mannequin Iron Man armor and a fight ensued, culminating within the destruction of the power by S.H.I.E.L.D. As soon as this was performed the Mandarin revealed that he had been holding her since her rescue and used mental manipulation to trick her in order that she would decode her work for him to make it attainable to weaponize Extremis. Mandarin had seemingly weaponized Extremis together with her personal safeguards removed, Maya agreed to help Tony by revealing her work so a vaccine could possibly be produced. Maya was seemingly saved from the blast by the Mandarin and located by S.H.I.E.L.D.

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ParisLater it was revealed that she was the one who let the samples go. Later she was paroled and worked under Tony at S.H.I.E.L.D.. After the loss of life of their mentor, Sal Kennedy, Maya blamed Tony and left S.H.I.E.L.D. After a quick period in jail, Tony broke her free just to fix his brain. Tem Borjigin who was actually the Mandarin, masquerading because the CEO of a company referred to as Prometheus Gentech, Inc., whom she believed to have been contracted by the Defense Department. Together they worked on perfecting Extremis so it could be used to heal as Maya had wished, in addition to creating the subsequent wave of Captain America type Tremendous-Soldiers.

ParisDr. Maya Hansen was an excellent scientist working for the FuturePharm Corporation in Austin, Texas alongside Dr. Aldrich Killian. Together they developed Extremis, an try to create a new tremendous soldier. The virus also gave the body a sort of healing factor. The unique Extremis granted superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reflexes and the power to undertaking electricity and breathe fire. The Extremis was a techno natural virus that completely rewrites the body’s genetic code. When the samples had been stolen and given to domestic terrorists, Maya contacted Tony Stark, with whom she had studied with in faculty. It replaced whole organs making them extra efficient.

After a short while working on the undertaking Maya began to suspect that one thing wasn’t proper and contacted Jack Kooning who was operating the federal government aspect of the undertaking to confront him, only to study he had no thought about the lengths the challenge had gone to, together with making an airborne model of Extremis which was nearly a hundred p.c lethal. Maya discovered a lab full of human topics and was confronted by the Mandarin who admitted that he was planning on killing billions so the few million who survived can be made greater by Extremis.