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2006) have some objects that should not be categorized as NLS1s. 5007 from NLRs is usually taken to be around 10% (e.g. Osterbrock & Pogge 1985; McGill et al. The definition of NLS1s must be reexamined if we expect that NLS1s harbor fast rising small SMBH with excessive accretion price. Considering the effects of the random velocity and the inclination in SMBH mass estimation of NLS1s, Decarli et al. 2008) find that these results would enhance the mass for NLS1s by 0.Eighty four dex, which might account for the mass distinction between NLS1s and BLS1s.

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2005; Barth et al. POSTSUBSCRIPT is essential. The central SMBH mass in AGNs is a key parameter to understand the nuclear power mechanism as effectively as the cosmic formation and evolution of SMBHs and their host galaxies (e.g. Rees 1984; Gebhardt et al. 2000; Greene & Ho 2006; Shen et al. 2005; Watson Mathur & Grupe 2007; Ryan et al. 2000; Ferrarese & Merrit 2000; Tremaine et al. POSTSUBSCRIPT (e.g., Kaspi et al. 2007; Komossa & Xu 2007). It remains also a question for other varieties of AGNs (e.g., Nelson et al. 2008; Woo et al.

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1998; Wills et al., 1993; Brotherton et al. 2000; Leighly 2004; Dietrich et al. FWHM in NLS1s. The equal width (EW) of BC for our 209 NLS1s in sample B is 19.4±8.6plus-or-minus19.48.619.4pm 8.619.Four ± 8.6Å and 16.1±8.0plus – Click Webpage – -or-minus16.18.016.1pm 8.016.1 ± 8.0Å for IC EW. 1994; Rodriguez-Ardila et al. There isn’t any correlation between them. For 12 NLS1s, Dietrich et al. 2005), and it is urged that BC and IC are emitted from two distinct emission area.

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We select objects by the following standards: (1) the sign-to-noise ratio (S/N) is larger than 15. The S/N is measured in the wavelength 4800-5040Å, overlaying the range for line-fitting. POSTSUBSCRIPT. Then we visually examine these spectra one after the other. Ultimately, we’ve a pattern of 329 NLS1s. Then we use the method of Peterson et al. 30%. The first criterion results in about 900 NLS1s. BLR at the same time. POSTSUBSCRIPT is calculated from the error of FWHM for BC and IC in the road match.

2004). POSTSUBSCRIPT relation. Make the mass deviation smaller by 0.19 dex.19 dex. 2005). If these 23 NLS1s comply with the Tremaine et al. 2006) have some objects that can’t be categorised by NLS1s. POSTSUBSCRIPT relation found in inactive galaxies. 11.1. It is possible that the pattern of Zhou et al. It is feasible that there exists true NLS1s with fast rising small SMBH. 2005, their determine 3), although it isn’t the case for the sample of Greene & Ho (2006) (additionally see Barth et al.