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This cell phone is one other clone of iPhone. Its calling and image high quality are remarkably cool. You should utilize a CECT P168 to take pictures, watch movies, listen to radio, take pleasure in MP3, test words from dictionaries, and many others. And one other enticing level is: totally different from Apple iPhone, it is not mixed with any contract! Its shape appears to be like actually like the Apple iPhone. It does nearly all the things that you are able to do by an Apple iPhone. In spite of the truth that the CECT P168 is one of the first copies of Apple iPhone, it has been all the time acknowledged as also one of the best. If you’re searching for mini iPhone copies, critically, you absolutely ought to consider this fashionable mobile phone.

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Clearly the cellular telephone has taken the shape and functionalities from the iPhone: exquisite shape, extensive contact display window, Bluetooth, and so on. By a fast look, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the 2 handsets. Nontheless, the 2 cellular telephones do differ from the other one, not just on quality, but additionally on costs-an Apple iPhone prices you more than 500 USD, but how a few Sciphone?

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