Peter Thiel Agrees: Apple Has Gone Stale

collected by :suzan mory follow all news in” technology games” from different sites to most famous technicals /Matt Turner by 2017-01-12 at 21:59 As it stated in A Wall Street startup backed by George Soros and Peter Thiel is in talks to do a big deal – Two Wall Street trading startups are in talks to combine forces.Electronifie, a bond-trading platform led by former Goldman Sachs trader Amar Kuchinad, is in exclusive talks to be acquired by TruMid, another trading startup backed by George Soros and Peter Thiel.Electronifie announced the talks in a note seen by Business Insider that was sent to clients January 10.. read more from here New Book Follows Students Peter Thiel Paid to Drop Out of College – Peter Thiel has become notorious in recent months for financing Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker and being one of the only people in Silicon Valley to support Donald Trump.But when Alexandra Wolfe met him in 2009, he was still best known as the billionaire venture capitalist who founded PayPal and invested in Facebook.“It’s brave that he’ll think of something new and follow it up no matter what people think of him,” Wolfe said.. read more from here Peter Thiel says the age of Apple is over – Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for New York Times Peter Thiel.Silicon Valley investor and Donald Trump transition team member Peter Thiel says Apple is past its peak.Here’s what he said in a Q&A with Maureen Dowd of The New York Times when he was asked to confirm or deny that “the age of Apple is over.”:“Confirm.. read more from here Peter Thiel Agrees: Apple Has Gone Stale – Has Apple gone stale?Tech rogue Peter Thiel thinks so, telling the New York Times this week that he believes “the age of Apple is over.””We know what a smartphone looks like and does,” said the Facebook board member, PayPal co-founder, chess prodigy, and Trump transition team member.. read more from here Peter Thiel no longer thinks Silicon Valley’s dream of a floating city is realistic – Peter Thiel has all but given up on his dream of a libertarian utopia in the middle of the ocean.In 2008, the billionaire venture capitalist and Trump transition team member launched a group on a mission to develop a floating city, called a seastead, that would serve as a permanent, politically autonomous settlement.He invested some $1.7 million in The
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