Samsung Accidentally Reveals its new AI Assistant Will be Named Bixby

collected by :Molly Tony follow all news in Samsung in different sites most famous technicals /Lulu Chang by 2017-01-10 at 19:25 As it stated in Samsung Accidentally Reveals its new AI Assistant Will be Named Bixby – So long, secrecy.Samsung appears to have accidentally let the cat out of the bag in terms of its highly anticipated artificial intelligence assistant.While we’ve long suspected that one of the Galaxy S8’s most talked-about features would be named Bixby, it wasn’t until January 9 that we had solid confirmation from the horse’s mouth. . read more from here Samsung accidentally lifts the lid on new virtual assistant Bixby pre-launch – While until now Samsung had religiously refused to comment on rumors surrounding the release of its upcoming Galaxy S8 handset, the company accidentally confirmed one of its most anticipated features ahead of launch.The manufacturer rolled out a new Samsung Pay Beta update that strongly hints the company is expecting to launch its own lightweight, standalone payment platform – dubbed Pay Mini – as well as its much-awaited digital assistant Bixby.“This event was off the charts” Gary Vaynerchuk was so impressed with TNW Conference 2016 he paused mid-talk to applaud us. . read more from here Samsung to blow up the electric vehicle market with powerful new battery – Yesterday, Samsung dropped the bomb at the North American International Auto Show, announcing its energy storage subsidiary SDI is readying a next-gen electric vehicle battery that crams enough oomph to cover distances of up to 372 miles on a single cycle and packs a mighty quick charge feature.In addition to the ability to regain 310 miles of driving in about 20 minutes of charging, the hi-tech battery also comes in an efficient, lightweight body that weighs 10 percent less and involves less components.Ever been to a tech festival? . read more from here Samsung rolls out new smart TV services for sports, music & video, plus an updated mobile app – Apple last month released a new TV app in an attempt to centralize all the streaming TV options available across Apple TV, iPhone and iPad.Now, Samsung is rolling out its own take on the matter, with the launch of a trio of new Smart TV services focused on sports, music and video on demand.The services are a part of Samsung’s Smart Hub platform, which offers customers a way to navigate live TV, video on
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