Shareholders Cut Apple CEO Pay For Low 2016 Sales

collected by :suzan mory follow all news in” technology games” from different sites to most famous technicals / by 2017-01-06 at 20:14 as declared in Shareholders Cut Apple CEO Pay For Low 2016 Sales – Apple is still one of the most profitable companies in the world but after a tough year that saw a decline in sales and revenue, the Cupertino company has opted to cut the pay of several executives including CEO Tim Cook.The news of Cook’s pay cut comes from a report from the Wall Street Journal, which spotted the change in compensation in a regulatory filing from Apple.Cook will lose out on about $1.5 million, dropping his annual salary from $10.28 million in 2015 to $8.75 million in 2016.. read more from here Apple Bosses See Pay Drop in 2016 as CEO Reaps $145 Million – Windfall comes even after annual sales fell for the first timeShoppers look at products at the Upper West Side Apple store in New York.Apple Inc.’s top executives saw their compensation fall last year while Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook had his biggest payout yet from his record 2011 award.Cook’s five top lieutenants received about $22.8 million each for 2016, according to a proxy statement filed Friday.. read more from here Apple CEO Cook’s 2016 Pay Lower as Tech Giant Misses Targets – Marking a rare stumble, Apple Inc. on Friday revealed it missed its own annual sales and profit goals for the first time since 2009, putting a dent in Chief Executive Tim Cook’s annual paycheck and pressuring the company to deliver a blockbuster with its next
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