L’Oreal and Nokia Launch Smart Hairbrush

collected by :Roy Mark follow all news in Nokia in different sites most famous technicals /Jack Neff by 2017-01-04 at 19:30 As it stated in L’Oreal Joins Nokia Unit to Launch Smart Hairbrush at CES – Most PopularHow much would you pay for a smart hairbrush?L’Oreal is about to find out.Its Kerastase luxury hair-care brand is unveiling a $189 digitally connected brush at CES, injecting tech into a seemingly unlikely age-old product. . read more from here L’Oreal and Nokia Launch Smart Hairbrush – Usually, you have one of three choices when investing in a new hairbrush: animal bristles, synthetic bristles, or a combination of the two.Now, there’s a fourth option: smart brush.According to *The Verge, Nokia’s Withings, L’Oreal’s Kerastase, and L’Oreal’s Innovation lab are teaming up to bring us a high-tech hairbrush that’s like nothing else you already own. . read more from here CES 2017: Here’s How Nokia Plans to Invest In Smart Devices – Nokia made a splash at CES 2017 with help from its smart home subsidiary Withings.The Finnish phone maker on Tuesday announced a few new devices that it says will help its Withings brand, which Nokia ( nok ) acquired in May 2016 for an undisclosed sum, continue to compete in the smart devices market.Chief among those announcements was the new Withings Home Plus, a smart HD camera that can not only record what’s happening in the home, but also receive notifications in the event of an unusual noise, monitor indoor air quality, and keep a watchful eye on a baby with its baby-monitoring feature. . read more from here read more visit us nokia
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