Lenovo présente ses ThinkPad 2017

collected by :suzan mory follow all news in” technology games” from different sites to most famous technicals / by 2016-12-28 at 21:33 As it stated in New Lenovo ThinkPad L570 & L470 Pack A Lot for Less – Lenovo has been busy this week unveiling its new business line-up ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show.The ThinkPad L570 and ThinkPad L470 are the most exciting announcements to come from the company yet, if you’re a business person looking to get the best hardware for as little cash as possible.AdvertisementLenovo revealed the ThinkPad L570 and L470 this week.. read more from here Lenovo Updates The ThinkPad Lineup – Today Lenovo is announcing a refresh of most of its ThinkPad lineup, and although the model numbers have only changed a bit, there are some very welcome changes to the lineup as well.Since most of the lineup is just being refreshed, we’ll go over what’s new on a holistic level.Lenovo’s ThinkPad lineup is one of the most well known lineup of laptops around.. read more from here Lenovo Due To Reveal New ThinkPad At CES – Lenovo purchased IBM’s ThinkPad line over a year ago and reports say a refreshed version of the popular ThinkPad X1 Carbon is due for reveal at CES in January.The X1 was praised for its mix of military-grade durability and high-end specs.It’s generally regarded as the best of the best when it comes to the ThinkPad range and reports out of Digital Trends indicate this will very much be the case with the refreshed version due in 2017.. read more from here Lenovo Updates ThinkPad Lineup With 7th-Gen Intel CPUs – Just ahead of the CES 2017 convention taking place in Las Vegas January 5-8, Lenovo announced the refresh of its ThinkPad laptop family for business.The updated laptops now sport the latest, seventh-generation Core processors from Intel, along with fingerprint scanners, beefed up security courtesy of a discrete Trusted Platform Module 2.0 chip, and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.The company also revealed a new ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 dock, and a ThinkPad USB Type-C dock for adding additional ports for ThinkPad laptops.. read more from here Lenovo présente ses ThinkPad 2017 – En prélude au CES 2017 de Las Vegas, Lenovo lève le voile sur ses nouvelles gammes ThinkPad.Les stars de la firme dans le secteur des ordinateurs portables à vocation professionnelle.La gamme 2017 de la firme chinoise va sans aucun doute
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