Apple and Nokia Battle Over Cellphone Patents

collected by :Roy Mark follow all news in Nokia in different sites most famous technicals /Vindu Goel by 2016-12-28 at 20:32 according to Apple and Nokia Battle Over Cellphone Patents – “Apple is saying, we want to pay one low price and not have to deal with any of your patents again,” Clem Roberts, an intellectual property lawyer at Durie Tangri in San Francisco, said.“Nokia is saying, ‘I don’t want that low price because my patents are worth more than that.’”Advertisement Continue reading the main storyThe fight underscores just how much today’s smartphones rely on an earlier generation of technology.It also shows how cellphone pioneers like Nokia, Ericsson of Sweden and Motorola, whose patents are now owned by Google, are still trying to profit from the industry in which they are now bit players, at best. . read more from here Nokia goes after Apple again in court over iPhone technology whose licenses are expiring – Home of the Day Sponsor Listing Sun-drenched bungalow just blocks to Monterey Market and convenient to BARTEnlarge Nokia is suing Apple for what it claims is unlicensed use of its technology in iPhones.… moreNokia sued Apple for patent infringement Wednesday, claiming the Cupertino-based company declined to establish licensing deals for the Nokia technology used in Apple products.Finland-based Nokia filed complaints both in East Texas and in Germany, according to Bloomberg.The lawsuits cover 32 patents for elements such as display, user interface, software, antenna, chipsets and video coding. . read more from here read more visit us nokia
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