Taking a Break From Facebook Is Good For You

collected by :Roy Mark follow all news in Facebook in different sites most famous technicals /Tech Times by 2016-12-25 at 16:6 as informed in Feeling Down? Taking A Break From Facebook Might Help, Says Study – AdvertisementRegular use of social networking websites, such as Facebook, can negatively affect people’s well-being and overall satisfaction with life.New research suggests that taking breaks from Facebook can lift people’s spirits.A change in the social networking behavior – be it not checking notifications for a few days, or just reducing the interaction with the platform can make people feel better about themselves. . read more from here Taking a Break From Facebook Is Good For You – It’s been a whopper of a year, and now, we’re forced to face our most obnoxious family members during the holidays.Other than pouring yourself a glass (or several glasses) of wine, there’s one thing you can do to preserve your mental health this holiday season: take a break from Facebook.An entirely unsurprising study found that taking just a week off Facebook considerably improves mental health. . read more from here Taking A Break From Facebook May Boost Mental Health, Study Finds – Samsung May Split Itself In TwoWe know that social media isn’t great for our mental health—plenty of studies have found correlations between heavier Facebook use and depression, feelings of envy and isolation and lower self-esteem.Now, a study finds that after a week of quitting Facebook, people’s mental health is considerably improved, and their feelings of envy somewhat dissipated.It seems like enough studies have found that social media is detrimental to our well being—so why can’t we stop ourselves? . read more from here read more visit us facebook
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