Apple Pulls Withings Products Following Nokia Lawsuit

collected by :Roy Mark follow all news in Nokia in different sites most famous technicals /Igyaan News Correspondent by 2016-12-25 at 16:5 as mentioned in Apple Pulls All Withings Products from Stores, After Nokia Suit – Apple has pulled all products on sale by French company Withings, which is now a owned subsidiary of Nokia, following the recent patent suit by Nokia.The new suit comes five years after the initial case against Apple by Nokia, which was settled, following a series of hearings.The new suit filed by Patent asserting entities or PAEs on behalf of Nokia, has caused a stirrup in the tech community. . read more from here Apple Pulls Withings Products Following Nokia Lawsuit – The holidays haven’t started so well for Apple.Just a few days after Nokia announced a series of lawsuits against the iEmpire, Apple is pulling all Withings products from its digital shelves.What does Withings have to do with any of this, you ask? . read more from here Apple Removes All Withings Accessories From Its Online Store Following Nokia Lawsuit – Apple has removed all Withings accessories from its online store following a Nokia lawsuit.Nokia announced on December 21st that it had sued Apple for patent infringement in the u.s. and Germany.Ilkka Rahnasto, head of Patent Business at Nokia, said: “Through our sustained investment in research and development, Nokia has created or contributed to many of the fundamental technologies used in today’s
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