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  • Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone are seeing red

    Samsung is fixing Galaxy S8 display just days after launch HONG KONG — Some users of Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone are seeing red. The company widely touted the Galaxy S8 display — a large curved screen that flows onto the phones sides — and analysts said it was a huge selling point for the […]

  • social media group administrators ready to bear the responsibility

    collected by :Molly Tony However, authorities in Varanasi said last week that any factually incorrect, rumour or misleading information on a social media group could result in an FIR against the group administrator. Police in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra have registered a case against an unidentified administrator of a WhatsApp group after a woman complained about […]

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  • Google Play update version 11 includes new Google notification changes

      A new report says that the new Google Play Services update to version 11 includes those new Google Cast notification changes. Since this is rolling out via the Google Play Services 11 update, the new notifications could take a few days to reach your phone. Now, according to Android Police, the update to Google […]

  • chromosomal mutations causes and effect in living organisms

    Here we are going to talk about the chromosomal mutations,  causes and effects on living organisms and its evolution. We will also identify the types of mutations that affect chromosome synthesis The chromosomal mutations: first at all The emergence of new differences or traits in the offspring did not exist in the parents, as a […]

  • Google has teamed up with Huawei to deliver the HiKey 960

    collected by :Lily Soly Want to run Android, but don’t want to buy a smartphone, tablet or Android TV device? Then this may be the answer to your prayers: Google has teamed up with Huawei to deliver the HiKey 960, a Raspberry Pi style computer board that runs Android. But while it’s based primarily at […]

  • The new MacBook Pro: specifications, features and price

    Apple, the world’s largest technology company, announced  a new version of its MacBook Pro Mac Book Pro laptop during a special event held in San Francisco, California. The new MacBook Pro: Apple’s announcement of a new version of one of its favorite MacBook Pro devices marks the 21st anniversary of the launch of Apple’s first […]

  • the Industrial Engineering present and future

    We will talk about industrial engineering, what is its function and what is required to study for the student in this field and what the engineer in the field of work and  Future of Industrial Engineering  what is Industrial Engineering? Industrial Engineering is one of the branches of engineering and specifically falls as a branch […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus full Shops this day

      Samsung’s powerhouse smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, are the alleged two fastest Android phones that have been launched to date. Apple iPhone 8 Might Be Slower Than Samsung Galaxy S8Although Apple’s iPhone 8 hasn’t been announced yet, reports claim that there’s already a possibility that it will have slower wireless speeds than […]

  • The best new 17 IOS 7 features are hidden

    With hundreds of new ios 7 features on iPhone, iPad, iPod is a gold mine waiting to be discovered with all its features and possibilities. Today we will try to show some of the features of ios 7 that you may not know at the moment and some of them will surprise you. The best […]

  • information about Georgia Institute of Technology

    The Georgia Institute of Technology, also known as the Georgia Tech, or GT, is a government research university based in Atlanta, Georgia, Of the Georgian state system, followed by other centers in the cities of Savannah, Georgia, Metz in France, Athlone in Ireland, Shanghai in China and Singapore. The Institute’s budget is $ 1.324 billion […]