June 2017

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  • Google Pixel announcly sells more one million smartphones

    Josh Miller/CNETGoogle’s first attempt at producing its own Android phone, the Pixel, has now sold more than a million units, Ars Technica reports. Google doesn’t release sales data, but the website says that installs of the device-exclusive Pixel Launcher app just passed the 1 million mark. The website says the data includes preinstalled apps on […]

  • Google Play Gets latest ‘Droid Excellence’ department

    So now, Google is giving the highest quality Droid Excellence apps their moment in the spotlight. “We’ve seen a significant increase in the level of polish and quality of apps and games on Google Play.” Google is launching a new section in the Play Store to highlight apps and games that are a cut above […]

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  • 3 programs will turn your Android device into a real robot

    Android has a certain quality of applications that are not available to other platforms, taking advantage of the endless freedom available to Android application developers that gives them open and unlimited system architecture, as well as support from Google, which provided some of the most unique tools for this platform. In this topic we will […]

  • 5 most famous pseudo-scientific concepts we always repeat

    In this report we review with you some of the most famous pseudo-scientific concepts facts that we – at one time – believe in their absolute validity, and continue to hesitate every day, without knowing that scientists and research have proven wrong for a long time. famous 5 pseudo-scientific concepts we always repeat 1-“We will […]

  • Droid innovator gets in smartphone market with Essential smartphone brand

    collected by :Maya Tony Although initial responses have largely been positive, the future of the Essential smartphone is somewhat uncertain, following media reports of a cease-and-desist letter over infringement on the Essential brand. As well as the smartphone, Essential is also launching a 360° camera and a compact control unit for home networking. The Essential […]

  • Apple self-driving car software coming

      And um, clearly one purpose of autonomous systems is self-driving cars.”Further Reading Is Apple self-driving car software coming? In recent months, however, a clearer picture of Apple’s automotive work has slowly been revealed, most recently with Apple CEO Tim Cook telling Bloomberg in an interview that Apple is “focusing on autonomous systems. Cook echoed […]

  • Google pictures get one billion downloads on the google Play Store

    collected by :Mina Lony as mentioned in This makes Photos the 22nd app to reach one billion downloads on the Play Store (a list of the previous ones can be seen here). On May 31st, the Photos app hit a whopping 1 billion downloads on Android. The last time an app reached that one billion […]

  • How Facebook effects our psychological and social lives

    Facebook effects our psychological and social lives ……Social networking sites are no longer just ordinary sites on the Internet, but are part of our daily lives, to the extent that most people can not imagine their lives without Facebook and surf the site every day, and people outside this site are seen as out of […]

  • Rubin is droid creator has increased $300 million for basic smartphone

    collected by :Maya Tony as mentioned in Andy Rubin is the creator of Android and built the Danger Hiptop, one of the first devices to merge threaded messaging, email and the full web into a basic smartphone He also built Google’s mobile and digital content businesses, and started Google’s robotics efforts via the acquisitions of […]